Loon Analytics

Easy long-term trend monitoring

Long-term monitoring for data scientists, analysts, and others working with automated processes.
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Hi! Loon Analytics is a side project based on identifying long-term trends that uses some of the algorithms I've developed in https://github.com/joshday/Onlin.... I've written a little more depth about why Loon Analytics exists here: https://blog.loonanalytics.com/p....
Very cool, @josh_day. Curious what use cases you've seen or expect others to explore with this tool.
@rrhoover The two things I had in mind while building this were 1) Machine learning in production (models that are re-fit e.g. daily): model performance can easily degrade without anyone knowing about it, and 2) Software benchmarks: based on my experience in the Julia community, when someone notices something is slow it's usually the case that it had been getting slower through incremental changes.