Kaan Aksoy
Kaan Aksoy reviewedLiveChatPremium live chat and help desk software for business.
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Lots of integration with other channels


If a visitor does not provide his contact at the beginning you can not add them afterwards.

It is a solid product but one thing (quite silly in my opinion) makes it quite useless in our case.

If a visitor does not provide his details the at the beginning (they call it pre-chat survey) you can not add those details (email,name) afterwards.

You can have a 2 hours chat session with a visitor but visitor will stay as unknown since you can not add the information you gathered during the chat session. How st..id is that?

Kaan Aksoy has used this product for one day.
Agnieszka@aga_jaskiewicz · LiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds
Hi Kaan! Agnieszka from LiveChat here :) I just wanted to let you know that we have it on our to-do list and I'll let you know as soon as it's ready
Daria Zwierz
Daria Zwierz@dardar0307 · Online Community Enthusiast
There is also a workaround as you can use the Pipedrive integration to do it: https://www.livechatinc.com/mark...