Rob Bye
Rob Bye reviewedLensaAI powered photo editing app
 Not RecommendedPros: 

- Seems like a very functional product that does what it says


- Portrays that AI/Retouching is needed to look attractive

- Goes against the body confident movement

It's sad to see that startups aren't helping push the body positive movement and helping people realise they don't need retouching or blemish removal to look great. Apps like this can only add to peoples insecurities showing them what fake perfection looks like. If Dove, CVS, ASOS and MAC are pushing this movement. Why isn't silicone valley?

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Emmanuel Hadoux
Emmanuel Hadoux@emmanuelhadoux · PhD I.A., UCL, London
What if some people actually want to look better on pictures than they really do?
Anna Filou
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
Come on, this only tweaks the small things like pimples, yellow teeth etc. Not liking it is like being against wearing concealer. It doesn't let you make faces unrecognizable.
New Alexandria
New Alexandria@newalexandria · HCI, cognitive, platforms, art, water.
This is a great topic, too, because if people don't like something about themselves that can be corrected, then maybe apps can / need to start to support self-correction. As in, maybe selfie apps need to be married with personal trainer, life coach, and doctor services
DLKR@dlkr · Photography and art hobbyist.
Or, we could just let people make up their own minds. Treat them like adults and give them freedom of choice instead of calling for censorship of apps that don't follow our SJW agenda. As for the Silicon Valley reference, according to Wikipedia, the Prisma team is located in Moscow, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Not all innovation happens in Silicon Valley. You'd be surprised what smart people can do with the right resources. Location is less of an issue these days.