Meet Kattana beta—a desktop crypto trading terminal that allows to trade on multiple crypto exchanges from one app and covers all crypto traders' flow - market analysis, risk management, trading and performance tracking - in one place.

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Hi everyone! I'm Katerina, the Product Marketing Manager for Kattana. Being a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I strongly believe that digital currencies will transform the traditional financial system. It was a tough decision for us to launch the product when the cryptocurrency market is showing such bearish sentiment. So why did we decide to launch, then? Because we have no doubts that Kattana will become a game changer for the whole crypto-trading industry. The main benefits of Kattana include: - Complete security. Your API keys are stored locally, on your device only; - Fully customizable interface. Save custom layouts that suit your trading needs best. - Moreover, it works perfectly with 2+ monitors; - Actual trading performance measurement. Compare your results to a benchmark index; - One entry point to multiple cryptocurrency markets; - Covers the whole workflow of a trader in one app with pro level tools. And even more, Kattana is absolutely FREE for now. Download it, try it and share your feedback with us!
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Hi PH Community! 👋 I’m Illia, Product Designer at Kattana. 👨‍🚀 While designing Kattana, I was given a complete creative freedom and had the opportunity to really push my capabilities as a designer. I wanted to create something that was easy-to-use, professional and flexible at the same time. 🧩 The core design challenge lied in making traders’ experience as simple as possible while giving them the necessary degree of flexibility to customize layouts to meet their personal needs. So, instead of designing a trading terminal that only professionals could use, I wanted to go deeper and produce something that would build a basis for developing new and complex features without harming the overall simplicity of use. The results turned out to be amazing! 💣 For us, launching is a journey, not a destination. Check Kattana out and let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us reinvent the concept of cryptocurrency trading and produce the best trading product out there. 🙏
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@illia_s thank you for your amazing work! I love your product!
@new_user_2650757055 Thanks! I appreciate it!
@new_user_2650757055 @illia_s i love your work, you're one of my fave designers now!

Good luck to team! looking forward to adding new markets


all in one place tool



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Love the product. Have been following the Kattana team for for some time now - they know what they do and they are fanatical about the product. Go Kattana!!!


Very convenient and customizable GUI that helps you control your own user experience.


I am still testing, but haven't came across any Cons so fat.

Hi Product Hunt! I am Dmytro, the Developer of Kattana! Probably, you've heard about my previous product on Product Hunt - Zoommy. We are happy to introduce our new app, which solves a pain for all of the crypto-traders out there who trade on multiple crypto-exchanges and use multiple trading tools. I’ve personally been trading crypto for a while, so I know how annoying it is to switch between multiple exchange accounts and instruments. It is very inconvenient to trade on several exchanges simultaneously, aggregate my balances from all of them manually and keep other tools like Google Sheets and Trading View open in additional browser tabs to perform market analysis and money management. I’m extremely confident that Kattana will eliminate these issues and will help you become a better trader.
@furyz Right on Dmytro. Trading on multiple exchanges sucks and if you make a reasonably large trade - price can swing => crypto markets are still pretty thin.... Thanks for this great product!