JuniorTube for Apple TV

Internet videos for kids under 13. No ads. Parents, relax!

JuniorTube is a streaming service for families with kids under 13 (who shouldn't freely browse the Internet to watch random videos). JuniorTube and our Partner Creators curate and suggest videos that all kids can watch. Kids safely watch entertainment and educational videos, pre-approved by our editors, and organized by interests and age (2-12 yo).

Hi everyone! JuniorTube is our effort since 3 years now, toward providing safe, curated, pre-approved Internet videos for kids under 13, for their education or entertainment. But JuniorTube is also about PARENTS. We're the ones who are asked by our kids "let me watch this, let me watch that on YouTube" and we shouldn't just let them browse for Internet videos by themselves (you know... ads, unrelated related videos, embarrassing content etc). Instead, JuniorTube helps us to either trust select famous Creators of videos for kids to curate and organize the videos for our kids, or we would pre-approve and handpick the videos ourselves. On the Apple TV, JuniorTube is a library of handpicked Internet videos, that you can filter by age - for instance, select 5-8 for your 6 year old, and kids won't be bothered or frustrated by neither toddler videos nor videos with more complex information meant for older kids. JuniorTube Creators also organize the videos themselves, by kids's interests, under about 22 categories. Also, JuniorTube allows the kids to favorite their preferred safe Channels for kids, to quickly access their series of videos. Videos on JuniorTube expire after a month or so, therefore every week there's new content for kids to watch. That should give us, parents, the peace of mind to let kids under 13 freely browse Internet videos and augment their education and entertainment with JuniorTube. Go ahead and give JuniorTube a spin 7-day FREE (cancel anytime), and tell us what you think here in comments. You can also try JuniorTube on the iPad. Finally, help us with your valuable opinion by taking our survey at www.juniortu.be/survey and earn one month FREE for your subscription to JuniorTube. Thanks!