Curate YouTube playlists. Remotely push them to kids iPads.

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JuniorTube allows parents to curate Internet videos and safely share them with their kids. The ultimate peace of mind for families with kids! Also, JuniorTube EDU is the same concept adapted for K-12 classrooms. Teachers select videos for students, who are kept focused on the content related to the class.



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Nelu LazarMaker@nelulazar · Founder JuniorTube & LOOK
Prior to making this app, I had no other choice but to get the iPad off the hands of my kids each and every time they wanted a new video added to other similar apps out there. So I made it easy and now I push the videos remotely, over-the-air to their JuniorTube app, simply by using my phone or laptop to add them to the kids' playlists I curate right on YouTube website or mobile -- even from an airplane's wi-fi... Ask me questions and enjoy it!
Mihai Dragomirescu@webmyc · Product/Marketing guy
YouTube safe mode is definitely not a solution for this problem. JuniorTube tackles it quite well and @nelulazar explains why above. I build a much more rudimentary version of this product as an extension to UrbanKid.ro - a positive parenting community - it's http://cuca.urbankid.ro and it's a blog with curated video content for kids, categorised on genre and children age. So curated video content for kids is a must. JuniorTube enables the parent to be the curator - which is the best option - as we all know that each family has it own rules and parenting style. GG!
Matthew Brown@edtechmatthew · Founder, NursePass
I look at JuniorTube through two lenses: As a parent, and first gen user of JuniorTube, I know my four children will not be exposed to the potentially harmful and influential images and portrayals we've all mistakenly come across in a suggested or recommended video. I love YouTube and how it's connected people of all walks, but my children aren't at the age to make informed decisions on what is best viewing. I enjoy helping my children when they suggest to me a video they would like for me to find now and push it to their device. No more free searches on their part that could lead to some really bad, poorly created videos. The teenager wants instructional videos of golf swings and of course DudePerfect videos. Tap! There you go! My middle girls want Disney Princess, Play-doh, and videos on "How to's"...Tap, and girls, enjoy the how-to's on a perfect cartwheel. It's great to turn over their devices to them knowing they're going to only see videos my wife and I approve. As a former classroom teacher now school administrator in a 1:1 iPad school, the first questions posed when student receive their iPad is, "Do we get YouTube?" and from parents it is, "You give them YouTube?" I can in a very confident tone, not like the YouTube you know. It brings a tremendous sigh of relief to parents and teachers when they are walked through the process of curating and pushing relevant, informative, and engaging video content to their child's device. Our teachers are creating playlists of both self-created videos (flipped instruction) or carefully selected videos to enhance their instruction as well as creating flexible learning environments...with the assurance of knowing their students are not viewing inaccurate, possibly inappropriate, sound and video. The GAME CHANGER...the annotations! Teachers love students submitting work that has been annotated as evidence of learning. JuniorTube in the K12 setting is exactly what teachers and fellow school administrators need as we take education to new, more engaging, heights.
Nelu LazarMaker@nelulazar · Founder JuniorTube & LOOK
Thanks for the comments to far! How about some coupons for the app: MJJAJMT3EL3M TRYXE9NPHFAN LYJ6TTLHF73M
Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
@nelulazar I didn't see any place to enter this code. Are you still updating the app?
Nelu LazarMaker@nelulazar · Founder JuniorTube & LOOK
@jonathanhursh Those code are 3 yrs old, but the app was developed quite heavily since then. Check out www.juniortu.be for latest info... or www.juniortu.be/kids (on web), www.juniortu.be/ios (on iOS and Apple TV), www.juniortu.be/roku (on Roku), www.juniortu.be/fire (on Amazon Fire TV and tablets), www.juniortu.be/edu (for schools), www.juniortu.be/kiosk (for events and venues for kids). Also, there's a similar service for enterprise and workforce education, called LOOK (www.LearnWithLOOK.com). Hope these help!
Jonathan Hursh@jonathanhursh · Founder @ Utopia
@nelulazar Is it possible to have settings that only show videos I add myself?
Nelu LazarMaker@nelulazar · Founder JuniorTube & LOOK
@jonathanhursh Sure! Try JuniorTube EDU, it's free: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Claire Brown@mmegrinder26 · Kindergarten Teacher
JuniorTube is a MUST have in both my kindergarten classroom and at my home for my 2 year old.... Let me first share why JuniorTube is beyond useful in my classroom. Not only do I use this app for instruction, I also use it for reinforcement and exploration for my students. When introducing, practicing or reviewing a specific topic whether it is science, social studies, math, reading, writing or believe it or not "just for fun" I am able to explore with my students through a variety of pre-approved videos by myself without worrying about inappropriate advertisements or suggested videos before, during or after the videos. In addition to that, I also absolutely LOVE being able to annotate directly on the video by pausing at various points while watching with my class and teaching, reviewing or practicing by manipulating what is on the screen with words, shapes and so forth. For example, during our plant life unit we watched a video of how a plant grows from a seed to a flower. During a review lesson over plants, we watched the same video and paused at certain points to have children write on the video screen the different parts of the plant--roots, stem, leaves, petals....and so forth. That video is then pushed out to my students iPads and they are able to recreate the same lesson independently to review the parts of the plant during their specific iPad times. I do not have to worry about my 5 and 6 year old students opening up a link that could then take them to other videos that are not necessarily on a topic we would be studying. One of many, additional uses I have found with this app is to have students record themselves doing tasks in the classroom, for example writing their sight words. Then when the student watches the video back, they are able to pause the video and work along with their own video as a review. I could go on and on about the benefits of using this app in my classroom because there are endless ways I have found to safely and effectively incorporate it into my daily lessons. As a parent, I have fallen even more in love with JuniorTube for the safety component, as well as being able to easily push appropriate and desired videos to the app for my daughter to safely view. When she was previously watching Disney princess, play-doh or Lego videos using YouTube she would end up clicking away on the suggested videos on the sidebar, which would then result in her viewing of videos my husband and I did not feel were appropriate for a two year old to be watching. Using JuniorTube, we are able to monitor and easily access those same YouTube videos that she enjoys watching from any of our devices. She would tell you that she loves watching her princess videos without the commercials! Using JuniorTube also allows us as parents to sneak in several educational videos for her to watch and before we knew it she was holding the iPad counting from 1-20, practicing her shapes and the letters of the alphabet, plus much more! JuniorTube is an incredibly easy and functional tool to use both as an educator and a parent to teach, review, practice, enjoy and share videos with the youngsters in your life!