Danvers Baillieu
Danvers Baillieu reviewediubenda for GDPRFinally an easy, all-in-one solution to comply with the GDPR

Great idea to help companies get compliant quickly


Badly executed - the privacy policy generated is not actually GDPR compliant

No support - no answers on the forum or to tickets submitted

I really like the idea of this service and have signed up for a premium subscription. However, feel very let down and will likely now cancel for several reasons:

(1) The privacy policy generator does not allow you to specify the legal grounds for processing data (as is required by GDPR);

(2) my support tickets and forum suggestions have been completely ignored.

(3) the "Internal Privacy Management" tool is utterly baffling and does not seem to allow any sort of export or even overview of the material generated, so there is no way to use it in any practical form - or to collaborate with colleagues. Right now, it seems utterly pointless.

Danvers Baillieu has used this product for one month.
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