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Christian Jensen reviewedItty bittyA tool to create websites contained within their own link

Unique, interesting idea


Not very useful

As has already been said in multiple reviews, some use cases would be nice. I discovered that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can all work, so I tried out a small coding tutorial:;charset=utf-8;bxze64,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

UPDATE: It seems like that link is so long it's being cut off, so here's a shortened one:

It's really neat that this whole thing can fit in a URL, but what advantage would this have over other products? For example, put the same example on CodePen and you have a much better user experience (clean code, less work), while both enjoy the benefits of free hosting on someone else's server.:

UPDATE: After writing the above paragraph, I realized you can paste CodePen links into the itty bitty editor.I am not sure this increases the usefulness of this app, but it is interesting.

Maybe a coding reference just isn't a good way to use this product. But that's the big question - what is a good use case for this product? What problem does this solve that other apps cannot solve better?

In summary, it's fun to consider the idea, but not ultimately all that useful.

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