Tim Berman
Tim Berman reviewedIntelligent Syncing from PieSyncTwo-way sync between your CRM, ESP & Cloud Apps

It is simple and just works. No tweaking or jacking with it.


Does not sync contacts without email addresses

It is pretty plug and play. I have deep integrations set up in mere minutes with this tool. Imagine two columns of contact fields, and a drop-down for each field. Once you've worked out your mapping, it's smooth sailing, and updates are nearly instant.

I am a heavy user of SMS, though, and really need it to sync these contacts into an SMS automation tool for nuturing. A Twilio integration would be awesome for this.

Tim Berman has used this product for one year.
Hi Tim! Thank you for your Feedback! We are currently working on how to sync without email address and we will definitely take a look at Twilio.