Geoff Rothman
Geoff Rothman reviewedIntegromatThe glue of the internet

Beautiful UI on node / HUGE amount of functionality with no real competitors - fills the gap between IFTTT/Zapier and Programmatic web api


ok documentation but need more....that will come in town as usage increases

Took this from my response to someone on this product page: "this is NOWHERE near ifttt/zapier. Those have super limited stripped down scenarios and they're limited to just doing 1 action on one service to 1 action on another service. This is a full blown API workflow automation tool with unlimited potential. There's a HUGE chasm in this market and always has been. IFTTT created cloud ETL for the consumer but there wasn't and hasn't been until now something for the more tech savvy people that aren't programmers. Their open system allows you to connect to any saas provider with an API (ie all of them!!) using clicks not code. The only thing I'm shocked about is that this hasn't been acquired already. With all the high end bells and whistles they have sitting around here, its clear that they've done this for a real enterprise before in previous jobs/internships."

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