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Do what it's made for


Add advertisements to the page

Tried this, got psyched. Then i found out that it is invoking some code that triggers a very huge advertisement on the webpage.

Not really what I was expecting.

Eli Or has used this product for one week.
Cody@rdbrdd · Founder of Redbearded
IF it loads in ads that makes it basically pointless... I will have to test this myself too.
Josh Sanabria
Josh Sanabria@jpsanabria · CEO at GoArchitect
Can you provide more details?
David Oragui
David Oragui@growhackscale · Founder, Grow Hack Scale
Can you show an example of this please (screenshot?). If this is the case, then it ruins it for me.
You can see the source code at https://instant.page/1.1.0, and the integrity checksum ensures that this code won't change. Perhaps you're mistaken about the source of the advertisement?