Julián Maya
Julián Maya reviewedHubSpot CRMOrganize, track, and sell
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Very basic CRM


bad ux, bad reporting, 12 month contracts, not mobile integration, lacks of customization, the chat is crappy, you loose clients

I applied for the program through Start-Up Chile accelerator for my startup.

It is a bad product, it lacks of quality, features and it is expensive. That is ok, you have the choice to deliver bad quality as I have the choice to find other solution.

But I can not cancel hubspot account, now we are attached to a 12month contract per agent without any advert. I'm watching how they take my money every month even when I am not using it, and i begging them to cancel my account, they refuse.

Keep away from hubspot for startups, this is more a SCAM than a support program.

Julián Maya has used this product for one year.