Href Tools

Online web tools to get your work done faster 🛠

Href Tools is a collection of free online tools to get your work done faster.

It's about bringing the most useful tools at one place with good UX (and

UI). Current list of tools are - html, css, js compressor, unzipper, image to t text converter, csv to json and back to csv.

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Thanks for hunting @ryanshook. But I think the product is too young to be launched here. Anyway, the project is about bringing the most useful tools in one place. I started this website as a side project a months ago to play with web programming and to showcase my work. I'll continue to add more tools in the upcoming months with redesign of website. Some of them are image tools, pdf tools, one click converters, generators and encoder/decoder tools.
@eashish93 Sorry for jumping the gun. I think the tools you've put on the site are super useful and appreciate the simplicity. You're also helping developers see what is possible in the browser. One step file compression and OCR are great features. Have you considered turning href tools into frameworks/packages that others could add to their own apps?
@ryanshook After the website and its private api becomes stable, I'll write a doc for the public use.
Great to see your product here @eashish93 please tell us more about this project, and what drove you to start working on it. Thanks