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Thanks Product Hunt, Robin and everyone who upvoted for Hooloop memo! My team has been using slack for team collaboration, agile for development process. The typical phrase I've heard in countless standup at current and previous companies is "take it offline". But typically no one takes notes in these meetings. These meetings are usually entire done by voice and probably one of most important meeting for an agile team. Therefore, we had an product idea for standups and salck. Hopefully Hooloop memo helps anybody who wants to use voice messages in slack. We would like very much to take any feedback from you, free to contact us :-) dorisyu@hooloop.com cheers,
@dorisyahooI am very glad I found your app. Finally. What about Playstore? One of our team member has a Samsung.. :/
Tried the app, and it's very easy to get set up (easier than Slack itself, ironically) and use. Nice and clean...very clean. One question, though - the audio files are getting added to our team's Slack channels, but to listen to them, it pops up open a new window to a Hooloop-hosted web app. Is there any way to get the audio controls to show up directly in the Slack desktop app?
Found this on the AppStore today. As someone who hate keyboard and typing this is pretty handy.
@Roamandwonder: Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with you and we have actually already implemented this feature. But in order to make this work, we need to get our domain whitelisted by Slack for displaying rich website previews such as audio players in the chat. We already submit our request to Slack, hopefully we will heard the good news from Slack soon. finger crossed!
Hi everybody, I am one of the developers of Hooloop Memo. I am working a lot while on the go using Slack as a primary communication channel. Using voice makes many things so much easier, so when first hearing about this idea I was immediately hooked. I would love to hear about any feedback or questions you have about Hooloop Memo, please let us know. :-)