Brian Jagger
Brian Jagger reviewedHEROES for Facebook MessengerBroadcasting tool for influencers

The onboard is simple.


They don't make it easy to access and edit once setup.

tested it on one of my pages. I like the flow, but already see ways I want to change it, still trying to determine how to do such. This part doesn't seem to be so user friendly.

Brian Jagger has used this product for one day.
Emanuele Capparelli
Emanuele Capparelli@immanuelkapa · 🇮🇹 🚀 ⚙️ 💰 🗺️ 🤖 ⚡
Hey Brian, thanks for the feedback! Would you mind getting in touch at I'd like to understand better what's your experience so far and what would you change? I would really appreciate!