Florent Bouchy
Florent Bouchy reviewedGoogle DuplexAn AI assisstant that can talk on the phone 🤖
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It seems to "work", but...


WHYYYYYYY?!??! So much effort directed towards such shallowly egotistic goals when there are so many real problems to solve on the planet...

I wish people (especially brilliant people) would stop working on such vain and dooming projets "just because they can" whilst their abilities are so desperately needed to solve major problems like climate change and pollution, politics and wealth distribution, animal and human welfare, health, etc. etc. etc.

Florent Bouchy has never used this product.
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Oleg Estrin
Oleg Estrin@kreatiff · Graphic designer, Griffith University
Come on, this is just a proof of concept for what Google is capable of in terms of understanding and imitating human speech, they used this as an example because making appointments is easy to relate to for almost anyone. You have to look past the surface and realise what this means for the way we interact with machines in the near future. Imagine a fully conversational interface for your everyday tasks like reading and replying to emails you'll just listen and dictate stuff to your virtual personal assistant and it will never feel like you are talking to a computer. This is basically v 0.1 of the OS they portray in the film HER, I highly recommend it.
Yulian Ustiyanovych
Yulian Ustiyanovych@ustiyanovych · Founder edutube.io
C'mon, Florent, because no one pay for it, so obvious :)