A beautiful Instagram experience for your Mac and browser.

#4 Product of the DayJune 02, 2015
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Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
Update: Flume for Mac is now available! https://flumeapp.com Hey all, I've been working in my evenings on a Mac app for Instagram with @mirgehtsganzgut that goes away with the social-side and distractions that Instagram throws at you and releases you from the pretty basic web-version that Instagram offers. Edge-to-edge beautiful photos sliding by your screen throughout the day was one of the key ideas of making Flume - it wasn't important to me who posted a photo or how many likes and comments it had - for me it was about the photo. That's what inspired the feed view. Of course, Instagram is a social network, so those details are still available for you there if you want them, but the idea was to highlight photography, not followers. While working on Flume for Mac, I discovered an opportunity to give a smaller but still beautiful Instagram experience to people who don't have a Mac and for those that didn't want to browse via an app. I open hundreds of tabs a day and I don't want to go to my phone to check my Instagram feed, and that's where Flume New Tab was born. Available now for Safari and Chrome, you can bring some beauty to your blank tabs! Flume for Mac is currently in beta and I'm taking some limited testers on board - Instagrammers are obviously preferred. Get in touch on the website to let me know. If you're curious about the name - since it's shared with a famous musician - flume is an old English word that means a river or stream. When new items photo pop into the Mac app, it feels like a drop of water in a stream. Thanks and happy browsing!
Julian Rothkamp@pointnova · Tower
@rafifyalda congrats Rafif!
Tiago Nascimento@tiagooooooooo · Interactive designer
@pointnova @rafifyalda Looks awesome! Well done. At first I had the feeling it was not available yet due to the input box, only after going to extensions I realised I could already use it as an extension. Just a tip!
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
@pointnova Thanks Julian! Welcome back :)
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
@tiagooooooooo Thanks Tiago! Do you think I need to highlight the extension more prominently?
Tiago Nascimento@tiagooooooooo · Interactive designer
@rafifyalda As a suggestion, it could work to replace the text "A beautiful Instagram app for Mac*, Safari and Chrome." - with "A beautiful Instagram app." And bellow the buttons - Install for Safari - Install for Chrome - Install for Mac* (with opacity, mentioning below that it is *coming soon + the input box to get notified). Not sure if I made myself clear but hope it helps, cheers.
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
Just wanting to update everyone here, that Flume for Mac is now available! https://flumeapp.com
Alex Kinsella@alexkinsella · Account Manager, Communitech
Just installed the Chrome app - and I really like the experience. One suggestion - I find that I often often a new tab to get to Google mail and calendar - would be great to have those links there too.
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
@alexkinsella Thanks! So you mean reading your existing favourites/bookmarks, or providing some kind of separate support for a quick-link/jump-bar? How do you find the speed? Unfortunately Chrome's access to storage is asynchronous and adds a bit of an extra delay to appearing. It's faster in Safari as a result (and more secure too).
Kam Bain ✍@kam_bain · Founder @Craaave, Growth @BeyondPricing
Oh uh. If this is as good as the iOS Instagram app i'm in trouble... A strangely addicting platform.
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
@kam_bain We can't offer you all the features of the iOS app, and you cannot post photos via the API officially, but it may mean you use Instagram in a different way and start to follow Instagrammers that have a higher quality of content.
Mani Karthik@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Trying this out now. Although I'm not sure why I would use it on Mac. May be I'm missing something here.
Rafif Yalda@deleted-237982 · Creator of Flume
@manikarthik Mainly that we spend more time on the desktop than on the phone, especially during the working day, but at the same time, we didn't want it to feel like we're "managing" Instagram like some other native apps do. Their approach is a bit more like iPhoto/Picasa for Instagram and that's the opposite direction we wanted to take Flume. Also the web offering from Instagram is quite poor (and slow). One of the other key decisions was to remove the social distractions (as I wrote above) in order to let you focus on the photo and hopefully have you use the explore section to find Instagrammers that take beautiful photos of things you're interested in (vintage cars, food, cities etc).