Everette Taylor LIVE Chat

VP of Marketing at Skurt

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Kela@zabimaru_ichigo · Founder at Mailhaven
I really enjoyed the live chat and how he explains getting marketting done without wasting $$$ only to get no results, especially when you are at an early stage.
Alfred Glover@alfredkglover
great point about wasted marketing dollars. though i'm not a marketer, i see plenty of opportunity in taking advantage of free and low cost platforms
Harry Hurst@harryhur5t · Founder @skurt
Ev for the win!
Jared Smith@sublimecoder · Software Engineer
@harryhur5t For sure. One of the best marketers out there right now.
Ross Simmonds@thecoolestcool · + Hustle & Grind
Definitely one of the best chats I saw on PH in 2016. @Everette dropped a lot of knowledge 💣s in this one.
Sunny Murthy@sunnysmurthy · Biochemsitry & Marketing, Virginia Tech
@thecoolestcool @everette Agreed, his chat taught me so much. He pushes novel ideas that work.
James Lopez@imjamesjlopez · Founder, The Phat Startup
@thecoolestcool @everette agree 1000% Watching and hearing his moves have helped me tremoundously!
Clarence Bethea@clarence_bethea · Founder & CEO, Upsie
ET really helps you understand how to look at marketing for your early stage company.