A global currency protocol, from the co-founder of Uber

Eco aims to create a new global currency that is easier, safer, and faster to use than paper money. In addition, Eco will ensure that the majority of the economic value generated by the platform is fairly distributed to its community to create a more equitable distribution of resources.

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Token Distribution: 10% will be held by the Eco Foundation to fund operations and community grants, and 10% to active contributors and advisors. 10% will be allocated to strategic partners worldwide. This will make those "partners" and "advisers" very very rich.
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@ericdiepeveen the very first thing I thought.
Yet Another Crypto Coin
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It's an interesting concept, and their white paper is pretty short and easy to read. They're building a proof-of-authority network, which means that only a pre-selected group of nodes can participate in validating the blockchain. This makes scalability a lot easier, at the cost of centralization. They aim to eventually grow to "a few hundred nodes, targeting universities across 50+ nations". This would be more decentralized than most PoA cryptocurrencies, and it's much better in this regard than i.e. Ripple, but purists will still be unhappy. I'm a big fan of the 'community-driven' model, and block rewards are distributed to nodes and "qualified users". Overall there is very little technical detail around this project, especially since they claim to achieve 100,000+ tx per second throughput, through a sharding process. We'll have to wait and see what comes from this team.

Really interested to see what a community first approach to a cryptocurrency will look like. The design doc pdf outlines their model, and has some real differences from other coins. Specifically, they're tackling energy consumption and dominant mining pools by enacting a forced distribution model across trusted pools. Seems like a promising approach.


Taking a community first approach



Big red flag when I made an account, got a confirmation email, and then they asked for my mobile number to "complete registration". You should be very careful of which online businesses you give your mobile number to.
@aaroniclee At this stage numbers are just as primitive as emails. Not a big deal.
@aaroniclee Pretty sure Garrett already has your phone number ; )