Austin Teague
Austin Teague revieweddublDon't look for your next job.

Interesting homepage


Broken login/registration

The LinkedIn login doesn't work and there is no way to register though you can login with an email.

*Edit: You can, the button says "Sign In" but it can also create an account :/

Austin Teague has used this product for one day.
@austinteague thank you for your review and sorry to hear you've had issues signing up. We've had three other people who've had an issue signing up with LinkedIn which we're currently investigating. I'm afraid it's working for everyone else but we haven't worked out yet why it's failing for a small minority of users. You can, however, sign up with email address and password but if you'd rather wait until we've worked out what the issue with your LinkedIn account is we'll definitely keep you posted. I appreciate your comment around not getting the fundamentals right. Again, this is a bug that doesn't affect most users, it's very poor if your first experience of a product is an issue. I completely agree (although for a different reason) that we won't do get the harder things right the first time. Our team truly believes in the principles behind the Lean Startup, which means we absolutely expect to fail and learn from that over and over. Will we get things wrong? That's almost a guarantee for anyone doing anything! Our aim is to find out as quickly as possible and continuously improve dubl based on that.
@austinteague we've finally worked out what the problem was (it was related to how we were handling some of the information we got back from LinkedIn) so if you tried again now it should work (although I appreciate you may have already have signed up using an email address and password instead). Thanks so much again for flagging this up!