Tejaswi R
Tejaswi R reviewedDrift ABMSay hello to the future of account-based marketing.

Ideal customer visitor notification. Personalized messages and the gorgeous interface


Not sure how the visitor tagging works. Other tools show the broadband service provider in such tracking - which renders it useless

Since the day Drift launched their sales chat and related features, I was looking forward to see how they solve the problem for marketing teams. The ABM suite looks powerful. Drift is built around conversations and with it, marketing teams can actually focus on providing a delightful experience, messaging and storytelling to convert high value prospects. It is pure gold for outbound marketing and can't wait to get my hands on it

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Emily Mias
Emily Mias@emilymias · Senior Product Manager, Drift
Hey Tejaswi- we have a partnership with Clearbit who provides visitor tagging! http://blog.clearbit.com/proacti...