Make short songs, send them to your friends.

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Hey Product Hunt! Brendon here, founder & builder of Doyt along with my cousin, Clinton. Doyt is a simple music app that makes it fun and easy to make short, 10-second songs and send them to your friends. We loved messing around with Garageband growing up, and wanted to capture that fun on our phones. We have an awesome loop library (built by Clinton!) and some fun voice effects. We just released on the app store, so download it today πŸ™‚ We hope you guys like the app and we love feedback!
@brendon_verissimo would you mind if i ask you why you chose the at shade of pink...its really uncomfortable..
@rhlkmth Hey Rahul, thanks for the feedback. Sorry that the color makes you feel uncomfortable- I tried to go for a bright and fun shade.
Fun! Coming from a music making app perspective it would be cool to add some basic effects to the music tracks, reverb delay etc to make them a bit more your own.
@drawby Thanks for the comments darby! Great idea and something that we have on the roadmap for the near future- stay tuned for that :) PS Nice website!
Cool app! though I think Doyt is way too early to stand on its own. My first impulse was to share my doyt via the "share" option, which did not work unfortunately. My ideal use case is to record a doyt and share it with a friend via iMessage in less than 15 seconds. Skip the profiles and social features for now. Also, check out the emoji beat maker in the Byte app, it's an extremely fun and easy way to create music, and I think it'd work great in Doyt.
@aidan Thanks for your thoughts, Aidan. Sorry the SMS sharing didn't work for you! This is the first iteration, so there are still loads of bugs to squash πŸ™ƒ Feel free to email me: brendon AT I'd love to hear more about your experience. I've played around with Byte before, definitely an interesting sequencer interface. Extremely easy and super fun.
@brendon_verissimo look forward to the next version!