Disrupt Cards

The funniest card game to hit Silicon Valley

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Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product is nominated for a Golden Kitty Award in the WTF Product of the Year category. Voting ends Sunday December 18th at 7pm PST, at that time the product with the most upvotes wins. See the original post here:
Daniel Singer
@danielsing3r · X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
Hi Product Hunt! Jeremy, Jordan, & I are super humbled that we've been nominated by such an awesome community for the Golden Kitty. We've had a tremendous time cracking jokes about our industry and roasting ourselves while we were at it and can't wait to write some new jokes when the bubble pops next year! (kidding) We hope you get a chance to play Di… See more
@wlaurance · operator, dubsoft
The instructions for this game alone are worth the Golden Kitty award