Breed and collect adorable creatures using Ethereum

In CrypyoKitties, users collect and breed oh-so-adorable creatures that we call CryptoKitties! Each kitty has a unique genome that defines its appearance and traits. Players can breed their kitties to create new furry friends and unlock rare cattributes.

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Best Kitties ever :)
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@lisadziuba Thank you Lisa!

Help me with one : 0x0234818Fc8794b545fD1dc62157D57a1bD351651


Waiting the most cheap kittie FROM ALL KITTIES to be 1 ETH


I love this to much

I think some really fascinating stuff came out of this, most notably


unlocks some of the mystery of the block chain, see smart contract transactions

my kitties 0xcf3d50509e0f7b601c46b11669b65708e2ecd883


gas prices are high through meta-mask that just performing basic (breed, gift, sire) actions adds up quickly

this game swallowed up my friends