Praveen Balla
Praveen Balla reviewedCrypto CentralBitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker 💸

Very simple to use.


There is a time bug. You cannot add PM time. For ex: the hours are only from 1 to 12 and because it is missing AM/PM, it needs to be fixed.

The application is really good. It is very similar to Robinhood and so, it makes it easy for me to transition.

Facebook login is a huge time saver and no nasty signups.

Missing RaiBlocks Coin -

Praveen Balla has used this product for one day.
Vincent Tellier
Vincent Tellier@vtllr · Crypto Central maker
Thanks for your review @praveenballa We will push a new web version this week. Hope you will like it. Have you tested the mobile app?
Praveen Balla
Praveen Balla@praveenballa · Director of Marketing
@vtllr Woot! Can't wait to test. Yes, I am currently testing the mobile app.