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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 02, 2017

Course List is a free listing of online courses that matches 3 simple requirements: at least 50 students, at least 1 month old, and available for purchase as a stand alone course (not as a subscription to a massive site containing lots of courses).

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  • Sarah DoodyUX Designer. Founder @ The UX Notebook.

    The courses are vetted so you know there are actual students.


    Ability for students to leave reviews and for creators to see how many favorites a course has!

    I love this idea. As both someone who takes courses and someone who creates courses, I see this as a great way to build trust and authority behind a course.

  • Benjamin LovejoyCreative Person

    Super simple, curation by trusted sources (at least thus far).


    None that I know of.

    Go Paul & Zack!


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Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
Hey all, Paul Jarvis here. So a few days ago Zack and I were looking for a listing of online courses, for research for our Saas. We couldn't find one. Like, we really couldn't find one. So we built Course List. It took a day to plan, a day to design/code and then we launched. There's user accounts too, so folks can save their favourite courses or submit their own. Cheers, Paul
Matej Latin@matejlatin · Senior UX Designer at GitLab
@pjrvs are you guys cool with free courses? I'm not charging for mine...
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@matejlatin that's a great question! you can submit, but i have to think about it a little and chat with zack :)
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@pjrvs On this link( it says 'It’s 100% free and also let’s you submit courses you like as well.' Does that mean courses that I own or courses that I like? Because if it's courses that I like, then I'm not going to be able to submit stats such as the number of students that are taking the course, screenshots that show how many students are enrolled etc.
Guus Hoeve@guus_hoeve ·
@matejlatin would love to see your course just for the fact you asked if it was ok to post a free course! And that's coming from a dutch guy 😁
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@faisal_hassanx you're right, that could be clearer. thanks!
Sarah Doody@sarahdoody · UX Designer. Founder @ The UX Notebook.
I love this idea!!!! I was thinking of something similar and I'm glad someone else made it! As a course creator, it would be interesting to think about reviews. Not all course platforms (cough, cough Teachable) don't have reviews built in. I collect on my own, but I think it'd be interesting to consider that in the future. Podcasts have the authority / discovery of the iTunes store, but not all course platforms also offer discovery! Also there are a ton of B💩 courses our there, so it's nice to see people trying to help the good ones shine!
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@sarahdoody Agreed Sarah, and thanks! Reviews are definitely in the pipeline for this, if I was looking for a course, that's the first thing I'd do is try and find reviews.
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@sarahdoody Reviews are live :)
Sarah Doody@sarahdoody · UX Designer. Founder @ The UX Notebook.
@pjrvs awesome, I'll see if I can get some of the 130 students to leave a review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hrant Arzumanyan@hrantarzumanyan · Programmer, Tumo
This tool is the first of it's kind! Nice
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@hrantarzumanyan Much appreciated!
Shivam Dewan@shivam_dewan · UX design. Brand strategist.
Great product! Love the UI
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@shivam_dewan Thank you!
LeandroPro@leandro8209 · Co-founder, Unubo
Nicely curated, very useful. Appreciate the UX also.
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · Cofounder Fathom + Pico
@leandrobthomas thanks Leandro! 🎉