Simple & beautiful social media content calendar


Pretty and intuitive social media calendar. Awesome overview of your content. Easily drag and drop posts, add notes & tags and receive post reminders.

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Kate Kendall
Nicholas Sheriff
Ben Donkor
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  • Nicholas Sheriff
    Nicholas SheriffFounder, Medic Ventures

    Nothing Buffer is 1000 time better in every way no need for this


    The founder doesn't care about people that aren't white that never ends well

    He had to do a survey, an actual study to see if his app name was racially offensive, that is the recipe for a very clueless and dangerously out in touch founder. That will extend to the product, business culture and this won't end well.

    Nicholas Sheriff has never used this product.
  • Ryan Farrell
    Ryan FarrellUX Designer, Copywriter, Closet Dork

    Great looking content calendar


    Change that name, dude. It'll never work

    You have to change your name. I'm sorry if there's a language barrier here but that name is really offensive.

    Huge friction point for most of your U.S. users. For sure.

    Ryan Farrell has never used this product.
  • Muhammad Vaid
    Muhammad VaidComputer Engineer

    Use Buffer


    Founder is fishing for hate

    Trump supporter from Belgium. Explains the name...

    Muhammad Vaid has never used this product.
  • Marwah Nadreen
    Marwah NadreenCEO, Zabrgah

    Simple , great look, loved ideas part


    I cant connect it with any social media so it can post automatically

    I will use it heavly if it can help in automation the posting process.

    Marwah Nadreen has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Looks good, great overview!


    I wonder if high volume is possible

    It's great for content planning. Looks good, user friendly...

    Niel Van Herck has used this product for one month.