Vladimir Babić
Vladimir Babić reviewedConfluxFeedback management for product teams

- Learning what features you should develop next

- Awesome people behind product 👍


Haven't used it that much to know cons, but no one had any bad comments.

I know there are other apps in this market but this was the one Invoice Quick started using right away. Vincent was so nice to give us beta access and we have tons of good feedback about our product just thanks to Conflux. I recommended this software to a friend and they use it for their Amelia Booking Wordpress plugin. Awesome people behind it, you should try it.

Vladimir Babić has used this product for one year.
Vincent te Beek
Vincent te Beek@arvalaan · Founder of Conflux
It's been great to see Invoice Quick and Amelia grow in terms of activity on the public boards, keep it up and thanks for trusting in us through the early days :+1: