Andrew B Coathup
Andrew B Coathup reviewedCoinbase WalletThe easiest and most secure crypto wallet

Great product that is always improving. Team are responsive. Now in blue!! Testnet access for development. I recommend to new users.


No automagical adding of all tokens and collectibles yet.

I’ve been using Toshi (including Toshi Dev) and great to see the progress. dApp browsing went from being a side part of chat bots to first class support. With the addition of Pete (he built Cipher) the team keep doing great things.

For adoption of crypto use (not just hold) then we need big improvements to UX and Coinbase Wallet are doing that. It is one of the easiest places to point new users at to start dApp browsing.

The new branding looks great. As an iOS user blue is better than green.

Sad to say say goodbye to the Toshi name

The Coinbase name will hopefully bring the firehose of users to help accelerate the mobile dApp space.

Andrew B Coathup has used this product for one year.