Asaf Bendor
Asaf Bendor reviewedCodeplaceLearn how to code by building real web apps

Looks promising


Can't join any course

It's great that PH offers a 83% off a yearly subscription but when I'm trying to join any course I get the msg: "This course is not open for enrollment at the moment"

Asaf Bendor has never used this product.
David Payne
David Payne@davidapaynepac · EdTech・Medicine・Innovation・Connection
yup... was interested in checking it out but could not enroll
Joseph@jojo7ace · Vice President, Autoslide USA
Same here...would like to try it out but can't sign up
Same same. Can't sign up! Leavin' money on the table!
Sabrine Rose
Sabrine Rose@sabrine_rose
im getting the same problem. i want to enrol but cant
Bader Bouta
Bader Bouta@bader_bouta
Hungry for this, is a lot of people seem to say that they can't unroll, what is the deal?