Chris Sacca LIVE Chat

Partner at Lowercase Capital

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Chris Sacca is known for his early investments in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter, among many others, and is the founder of Lowercase Capital. Prior to his investing days, Chris was tasked with buying billions of dollars worth of data centers while at Google, without alerting anyone (Microsoft) as to how big the company would become. He’s one of the most successful startup investors and doesn’t hold back when sharing his advice or opinions — which is exactly what we got in this recent Product Hunt LIVE video chat. He shares what it was like working with Larry & Sergey at Google, becoming a guest shark on Shark Tank, interviewing Edward Snowden, and asking President Obama the tough questions that no one else has dared to ask. You can watch the full replay of the video chat with @sacca and @eriktorenberg here, or check out some of the most memorable highlights at this link.