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We are the world's first fashion house technology. We empower the new guard of culture creators to launch their own fashion brands.
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This looks really cool. Could you elaborate on your target audience (individuals who want to start a fashion brand / existing fashion brands) and the issue you're solving (why is this hard without being industry-connected)? If you're looking to target prospects without too much industry knowledge, it'd be great if you tell more about the step-by-step process working with Cala. I'd be interested in learning more, and it might be a good idea to add a "how it works" section to your website.
@chrisschaap Hey Chris, great question! Our target audience is anybody who wants to produce apparel products. At the small scale, we're leveling the playing field for new and emerging brands by granting access to a distributed network of manufacturers. At the large scale, we help established brands scale beyond their initial launch stages into retail and other untapped markets. The existing process for creating clothes is tedious and manual. As someone who was trying to build his own brand, I quickly realized how outdated the industry is with a lack of software-based solutions or manufacturers that have closed their doors to accepting new clientele due to a lack of automated infrastructure. With CALA, the entire creation and production process takes place on our platform — streamlining communication, creating a source-of-truth, automating pricing and delivery, and mitigating potential errors in production. In terms of how CALA works, that's a great point! I'll be working on creating a page that outlines the process more. For now, we have a welcome video that is part of initial onboarding that walks you through the product. You can access that here: Hope this helps!
@rbtryn Very nice, Ryan. Thanks, that makes everything clearer to me. I suppose different designers will have a different target audience in mind, which determines the quality they're looking for and supplier fit. Is supplier selection with different pricing tiers something you want to address? Or perhaps supplier categories, e.g. luxury/designer vs premium vs fast fashion? Best of luck!
@chrisschaap Hey Chris. Definitely — we've seen a wide range in terms of customer requirements. Ultimately, it comes down to lead time and cost. As our manufacturing network continues to expand we'll be working on ways to specify those requirements on a more granular and automated process via our checkout. Right now you can imagine the service as covering the baseline by offering a 'UberX/Black' experience, but with time we may offer additional optionality in checkout for even more premium or cheaper solutions. More premium solutions may offer geographic restrictions or certification/sustainability/materiality restrictions, cheaper solutions may offer a mechanism where we can bulk order with longer lead times to drive pricing down. At the end of the day though, we hold all our suppliers to a rigorous vetting standard to ensure a consistently high-quality experience.
Hey everyone — Ryan here, Head of Product at CALA! We're excited to announce the world's first fashion house technology. We empower the new guard of culture creators to launch their own fashion brands. CALA provides everything you could need. Design assistance. Material sourcing. Sampling. With powerful features like in-app notifications, task management, and real-time commenting — so you can maximize productivity in the studio or on the go. We've built this product over the past year to completely democratize the process for building your own fashion brand. Previously this luxury was reserved to the most industry-connected individuals, or those with massive capital expenditure. As CALA enables creators to launch their own brands, we're seeing value captured through our managed marketplace solution. Our long-term goal is to continue to streamline and automate the entire fashion industry though a technology and product focus. This launch represents our first massive step towards accomplishing that. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
@rbtryn Any way to see some unit pricing examples? The example in your onboarding video is priced ridiculously but not sure if that is a legit example (I can get a shirt like that for $10-15 per unit for 200-300 MOQ).
Love it. This is an unmet need.
I'm one of their brands, I vouch.
Similar to Print All Over Me. Hopefully the execution is better. Generally though, most solutions we've seen in this niche over the years suffer from two main issues: 1. Quality is either poor generally, direct to garment (DTG) printing, or both. Because of this customers don't stick around. 2. Margins are so poor that the only way you can make it work are with streetwear or more fad driven brands with customers that aren't price sensitive, like Supreme t-shirt on a crappy blank that retails for $50 (more aftermarket). Definitely think that there's room in the quality and margins, but this is a tough business. In terms of strict PLM's I know the guys at Backbone are doing some interesting things as well. Curious to see how this "full stack" approach works out. Good luck out there guys!
@ryanwmark Hey Ryan, Thanks for the feedback! CALA differs quite substantially from Print All Over Me. Unlike print-on-demand services, CALA offers the couture approach of the best fashion houses with the manufacturing capabilities of the largest mass-market players. I've personally used PAOM and can attest to the massive difference in quality here. The process also differs insofar as we give free sampling (this allows you to make sure it meets your own standards) with every order and work closely with our partners to ensure the end-product meets our own high standard. Internally we have an operations team that has worked with some of the most coveted fashion brands in the industry. With CALA, there is no real limitation to the printing process or the type of garment that you can produce. Definitely! Very familiar with Backbone and their offering. I'm excited to see this industry continue to expand into more tech-oriented verticals. Long-term, this will allow for more streamlined operations — cutting down costs and increasing quality.
@rbtryn @dylanpyle Very cool. There are a lot of smaller designers who we try to help with production and sourcing, but unfortunately are too early along the experience curve. You guys are coming at this from an interesting angle. Congrats on the launch! Definitely want to keep an eye on you guys. Already have a couple people to send your way.
@dylanpyle @ryanwmark Awesome, thanks Ryan!