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Jesse ✌️ reviewedBullet TrainThe Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box

Andrew's wisdom, unique take on development and love of Rails equates to a starter kit that enabled me to code at a 10x faster rate.


You're constrained to the UI template that comes out of the box, but because it's using Bootstrap 4 it's very easy to work with.

It's funny when building products.

About 80% of your effort is building your billing engine, team management, permissions, UI elements, etc.

Rarely the core application.

As a result, it's easy to get burned out early and just not launch.

Thanks to BT I don't have that problem anymore.

Out of the box it has everything you need to run a successful SAAS app so I can focus on the main, core feature set of my products.

Additionally, after you buy BT you get access to an exclusive Slack group where you can just DM Andrew any question you have. Phenomenal.

Will be using it for all projects going forward.

Kudos, Andrew.

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