The dog collar re-imagined

I like this one. When I have a dog, I might get one. ​But what cellular radiation? Can the GSM harm the pet?
This is a great product. I like the emphasis on: "set it and forget it". So many tech products are great in theory but when it comes to using them, they're so high maintenance that it becomes a pain to use them. I did not quite understand how the geofencing work. Maybe I missed something in the video. Does it have a SIM card?
@jstoiko Agreed, it's never fun to check on your devices constantly. I believe the geofencing works through the GPS in the collar.
@ryanshook @jstoiko Not to sound like a lazy pet owner, but the charge time of 7-14 days doesn't sound too attractive to me of "set it and forget it." I do think that knowing how much your dog moves when you're not at home could be great motivation for many owners to get a daytime dog walker though! Also a good way to make sure that dog walker is actually walking and not just sitting in a park (I'm definitely sounding cynical today 😉)
@benwtnb @jstoiko Hey Ben, I could be wrong but I think they mean it will go 7-14 days between charges.
@ryanshook @jstoiko Sorry, my comment was worded badly… You're right they mention it is a charge time of 1 hour that you need to do every 7-14 days. If it was a "charge time" of 7-14 days you would really set it and forget it!
@benwtnb @jstoiko Not to mention the other big competitor has a charge time of about 5 days, and it usually takes 5-6 hours.
How does it send the data to the smartphone of the owner? That is 'tha' question.
@jstoiko Some smart collars use wifi but it looks like this one will sync with your phone over bluetooth.
This product looks pretty good, how come you managed to lower the price to a quarter of the initial campaign? https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... (although I am pretty sure I saw this video months ago) Would love to know what changed, and how you solved it.
If all of these features arrive at launch, I'd be interested in it. Right now I'm using the Tagg tracker, and I've had a ton of issues with them. The GPS part works fine, but the activity portion is why I initially bought it and it never worked.