Sam Castle
Sam Castle reviewedAvoPrevent human errors when implementing analytics

Gets team on the same page Greatly speeds up analytics planning and implementation Simplifies engineer's lives The Avo team is responsive


not support for every analytics library yet, but it's coming and don't let this deter you

I highly recommend. On our Android team, this has put everyone on the same page and we have been able to go from having a new analytics idea, planning it in Avo, and implementing it in production-ready code in only one hour several times this past month. For the past year I've been running a start-up with an Android app as the main product. I've been using Avo for about a month now and it's been a big success for us. Even with a small team, getting everyone on the same page with our events and tracked properties has been a mess, and whenever our CEO wanted to know which events we were tracking, the ad hoc spreadsheet we used was inevitably out of date and I had to check the code. That's okay, but I was certainly a bottleneck. Avo acts as a shared contract between the team in terms of the analytics roadmap, current implementation, and suggestions. On top of that, I love it as an engineer because I no longer have to manage a bunch of analytics libraries with my own solutions. Literally several times over the past month I have decided to track a new flow through the app, I write down the events in Avo with the team, and within an hour I use Avo's generated code to have a production-ready solution. It's not 100% fully-featured yet, but the Avo team is responsive and quickly building the tool around the new needs of the customers. 👍

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Sölvi Logason
Sölvi Logason@logason · Maker of @Avo
Thank you for your kind words Sam! Look forward to continue making analytics faster and easier to implement for you 🤗