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Helps PMs define analytics Helps Eng implement analytics Helps everyone become data-driven


I would love a "global search" feature

My company was one of the first Avo users. Avo helps product people like me define what to measure with analytics. Our workflow: - We start by hosting “purpose meetings” where we map out each feature on our roadmap. - We discuss the problem we are trying to solve, outline the reason for building this feature and clear metrics to see if we accomplish those things. - After this meeting, I jump in Avo, set up our goals, write up an all the relevant events on a new branch in Avo and post it as a task in Asana. - From there our Engineers grab the branch, have Avo automatically generate all the code they need, and then add these snippets to the relevant places in our codebase. Now I know that we are consistently tracking the right things. When we have these solid foundations, I can build dashboards that show metrics towards our objectives, and I'm confident that the data is correct. Avo has proven to be immensely valuable for us and created a very data-centric culture. 🚀 Would definitely recommend to a friend! 😄

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Sölvi Logason
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Thank you for sharing @gunnar_holmsteinn. This process sounds amazing! PS The global search will be out sooon 👨‍💻🚀