Denny Hollick
Denny Hollick reviewedAutonomous Sit to Stand SmartDesk 3AI-powered height-adjustable standing desk, $599
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Great value for a desk


Their customer service and attention to detail leaves much to be desired.

I've been using their DIY desk for a few weeks now and think it's great value. Problem is, the desk I ordered, was not the desk I received. Turns out a lot of the specs on the site and prices are totally wrong. I let them know and they brushed it off as not a big deal and didn't offer a solution besides 'return it'. Specs on the site are still wrong... and I still have a desk that wasn't what I originally ordered. I worry about them fulfilling warranty, but ultimately, it's pretty careless that they would sell desks with complete wrong specs and not care enough to update it.

EDIT: Their customer care manager reached out to fix the issue BUT... They promised they would ship me the right desk, and after I sent several followup emails they just stopped responding altogether as if they had shut down the company. I even reached out to the CEO and no response. It just cements what I felt before...

Denny Hollick has never used this product.
Kaitlin Anne Haynes
Kaitlin Anne Haynes@kaitlin_anne_haynes
Hi Denny, Kaitlin here, Autonomous Customer Experience Lead. I am so sorry for the unsatisfactory experience with purchasing. I can assure you that this is not the kind of experience we strive to provide our customers. I have found your support email and am going to be emailing you personally so we can get this corrected for you!