Emppu Nurminen
Emppu Nurminen reviewedArc AppAI powered location tracker
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Looks neat and the UI is okay


Just utterly unreliable.

- Can't recognize different activities; it's fine not to recognize between different transportations or running/jogging/walking, but when both walking and transportation aren't recognized from each other, it's a quite annoying and begs to ask, why I wouldn't use just regular active logger instead.

- Can't record the activity correctly; I consider myself lucky, when I had just one honest "What the actual fuck happened here?!"-moments on Moves during the 4 years I have used it. Here, there's been already two in span of the week I have used despite having the phone using the application actively, phone was having access to at least 3G constantly, and the app having constant access to GPS and GPS working correctly.

It's just bugs me, since this seems to be really nice app, offering more detailed information than Moves, yet due unreliability of it, I have to discard it as potential Moves-replacer.

Emppu Nurminen has used this product for one week.
My observations are that the issues you're mentioning are being actively addressed by the dev - check github and twitter. The recent major version jump seems to be the cause for the unreliability right now, but there have been a couple of updates with fixes already. What other Moves replacement have you found for yourself?