Ratomir Soda Jovanovic
Ratomir Soda Jovanovic reviewedAppseeMobile analytics with user recordings & touch heatmaps

Looks like great tool.


Hiding pricing table, requesting lot of infos just to show me pricing table.

UX tool with WORST on-boarding UX.

I wanted to see their pricing, requested pricing. Their agent added me on LinkedIn, called me on my cell twice, sent me 2 emails in less than 30 min.

After I started discussion with their agent, she started asking me questions about my product, plus she asked me some confidential information about product. Wow.

I've told her, few times, that I don't have time for that kind of conversation. I just need pricing.

After I quit, she sent me simple pricing table with all infos that I needed.

Advice for Appsee:

Put Pricing to be publicly visible. I really wanted to purchase their plans, but after this experience, I'm torn should I go with them or search for alternative.

Suprisingly same thing happened with me. A call, an email happened to just know the pricing. Point is what is the harm in adding pricing table, I am quite sure they are aware of benefits of public pricing , only thing I have felt is their pricing is very high so they want us to integrate first and than think about sunk cost if we don't go ahead.