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Nice marketing


The development lead times don't represent actual dev costs.


Really great marketing tool, love how it's set up. But it gives potential clients false hope. Overpromising on lead times. If you look at the cost for developing snapchat on one platform, it's prob 10x of what is promoted.

Again love the marketing stunt, but this is not even close to real life.

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Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kov@multique · Head of Marketing Department
How I have written below in the comments: 1. The estimate provided by the calculator is a very rough one. 2. The calculator makes an estimate for the MVP version of the application by default. 2.1. But you can add all additional features and get another estimate for the same App 3. Compare: Snapchat App (iOS & Android) (MVP) https://prnt.sc/gw2m24 and full Snapchat app cost estimation (iOS & Android) https://prnt.sc/gw2mj1 4. Also, take a look at the pessimistic time I hope this enough for you to change your Review =)
Hunter Monk
Hunter Monk@maximillionnn
Agreed, this is a wildly low estimate. For an Uber-like app, I just got an estimate of 134.6 hours for a cost of $4,711. That comes out to $35/hour, which is half the cost of a junior developer in any non-tech hub. In tech hubs it costs more.