Boost your revenue with Amazon links that work anywhere

AmazingLinks helps you to create Amazon affiliate links that work for every country by providing you a smart link that redirects your users to the correct Amazon store.

In addition to that AmazingLinks provides in depth link and redirect analytics

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I can see the reduction in youtube descriptions now. Great idea!
@imdaeshawn Hi Daeshawn, thanks for your comment. Youtube descriptions are indeed perfect for our smart links.
@denizpolatde You’ll certainly save those major and smaller YouTuber’s time.
Great job !! 😊 will surely try it out 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.
Hi ! Who is the typical user of the amazinglinks ? What’s the use case ?
@pavlos1944 With our smart links affiliates are able to monetize traffic they were not able to monetize before. Imagine you link to a product on but a user form France clicks on that link. This user is not able to order on Our smart links redirects that user to the correct Amazon store ( in this case). Everyone who uses the amazon affiliate program can use AmazingLinks, doesn't matter if you want to use our links on your website, on your Youtube account or somewhere else.
Amazon OneLink already does this.. What's the point?
@lucasleetyson Hi Lucas, thanks for your comment. For Amazon OneLink to work there is a JavaScript snippet that needs to be included in every page, so they just work on your own website. When you want to use that links somewhere else (for example in your Youtube video description) they won#t work. With our smart links it's different, they will work everywhere.