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Announcing AdRoll's integration with Shopify, an e-commerce platform! On average, most e-commerce shoppers leave a site without completing a purchase. AdRoll retargeting helps you reach bounced visitors with displays ads for your products across the web, mobile, and social. This way online entrepreneurs are set up to boost sales and win more customers. The integration includes free ad designs, support and quick setup with the Shopify store. We're excited to make retargeting easier for all online entrepreneurs, big and small! Also, we're hosting an "Ask Me Anything" here 11AM-12PM PST Thurs, Aug 20. Leave any questions you have (for this or ad tech overall), and Greg and Valentino will respond! Greg Fulton - @gregfulton AdRoll VP of Product Valentino Volonghi - @dialtone_ AdRoll CTO / founding team
Q&A! hmm if i could ask my bosses anything what would it be... * AdRoll was real early to the Retargeting game - how did you stumble on the concept and decide to build that? * Similarly what was the reason to focus on smaller advertisers rather than enterprise? * What is your favourite LEGO set?
@plc I'll answer the same way I would answer if you walked over to my desk to ask me in person, but with less swearing. We get into Retargeting in 2009. Prior to that we were playing the ad network game. But we quickly realized that with the big ad exchanges opening up, the puck was heading in a different direction, and owning the supply yourself was no longer necessary. Suddenly display could be a performance advertising channel (rather than branding or spamming dancing aliens). So we started playing around with different ideas built on top of exchanges. When we tested Retargeting on Aaron's (CEO) wife's website, we quickly saw that it drives real ROI. So we ran more tests, saw we were onto something, and decided to double down. The next step was to look at the market and see what area was under served. In 2009 companies like GAP were already retargeting, but it wasn't a ubiquitous technology. Aaron's vision was to take it to the masses, and to do that we had to bring it down market. So we focused on simplifying something that to date had been complex. We asked ourselves what we could strip away to make this tech approachable and effective for anyone selling anything online, and we started applying the "could my mom use this" filter to everything we built. We arrived at the first self service RT platform in the market, and we've been growing like crazy ever since. This Shopify App is a continuation of that strategy. We've removed more and more of the technical hurdles to get started with Retargeting, and have made launching your first campaign a seamless experience for Shopify customers.
@plc Oh, and I'm more of a PLAYMOBIL guy than lego...
@gregfulton An awesome thing about the first retargeting product is that the pivot from the ad network concept to retargeting took basically a week. We built something completely scrappy that was barely kept together in 2009, just enough to run a few customers on the site. There was no SmartPixel back then and we didn't even have the ability to pause someone's campaign, that's something you'd consider part of the bare minimum but we had no time, the market had crashed in 2008 and we needed to get to a working product real fast. We experimented and released things uncomfortably early to get feedback as fast as possible. Also I've basically never really played with Lego unfortunately.
Hey everyone, Thanks for having me here answering your questions! I'm Valentino and I've been at AdRoll since when we started 9 years ago. I found myself working on advertising because there's an incredible amount of technology and data that is necessary to run the most basic advertising product and differentiate your company from all the thousands of competitors. At the same time it's also a quickly changing industry so it's constantly exciting and the pace of innovation is absolutely relentless.