Automated customer support with smart business chatbots

ActiveChat provide everything needed to build great chatbots. Conversational design with Visual Bot Architect is easy as building with LEGO™ blocks. Helping businesses automate customer support and marketing with smart voice and messenger chatbots 🤖
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2 Reviews5.0/5
The intuitive interface is great for novice bot builders to get off the ground quickly, they integrate all bots in one place and have ecommerce features. Still, the platform is not yet fully mature meaning a lot of development is being done and many new features are being built at present.

Interface can be improved a lot, but am positive that this tool will be fully built by 2020 and will be a player in the bot domain


Super easy to build complex if-else decision tree based bots, as well as NLP based free flow bots


A lot of features are still being built, like providing bot access to others, message followups on comments etc.