3 Day Adventure: Sequoia

Bring your trip to Sequoia National Park to life!

3 Great Days: Sequoia is filled with maps, tips, sketching prompts, reflection writing, a journal, and sparks of intrigue that bring a trip to life. It is light and easy-going. Perfect for immersing kids in the trip and giving adults a chance to disconnect. It is unlike any travel book you have ever seen and one you’ll never forget.

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Hi Product Hunt. I'm the creator and author of 3 Day Adventure: Sequoia. I recently returned from a great trip to the incredible Sequoia National Park; one thing that struck me was the sheer grandiose personality of the forest. I wrote this book meets journal to help future visitors reflect, sketch, and overall enjoy their trip to the fullest. If you have any questions, let me know.
@jpsanabria Is this still being sold anywhere? If not, do you have a PDF version you could email me?