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Glad you're working on this, @rulesbycam and @sahkho. Anecdotally, I learned so much more on the job than in college, yet finding an internship or apprenticeship can be very difficult. Why is NewCraft paying the apprentices directly and not the company? Is this to reduce the friction for companies to participate and open more opportunities for apprentices?
This is such a brilliant idea. I wish I had this when I was in college, trying to figure out how to get into the tech space. Thank you!
Hi @rulesbycam I signed up and added the referrals but unable to do anything further. What is the process like?
Love love love this! feel free to dm me on twitter (handle @radicalvin) - happy to support this in whatever ways i can
What a great idea! I've always thought apprenticeships are an outstanding way to learn real-world skills. Question about the the references/Searchlight part - is it onerous for the references? Will they need to write essays or can they complete the Searchlight questionnaire in a reasonable amount of time?