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Senior Software Engineer
Full Time · Indianapolis · Remote: OK · 90K - 120K USD

About Mailshake

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Job description

You'll be the first hire on our engineering team and will work alongside our co-founder. You'll be responsible for the smooth running of many aspects of the Mailshake system including solving challenges related to scaling, edge cases, uptime, performance, efficiency, deployment, integrating with 3rd-party APIs, enhancing our own API, creating new features, and more. You must be able to work independently, manage aggressive deadlines, communicate positively and clearly, and be relied on to monitor, diagnose, and fix system weaknesses. CULTURE: Mailshake's approach to development is foremost focused on thrilling end-users and creating value for the company. A close second is ensuring the code base is fun and efficient to work on. What we're not so concerned with is getting bogged down in ideological wars or strictly adhering to the latest acronyms in project management. To us, a great engineer: * strikes the right balance between creating maintainable, well-tested code with pushing improvements at the fast pace expected by our users * can solve some problems without writing any code at all * isn't afraid of rewrites
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