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Amir Ashkenazi's startup CEO stack

Amir is the founder and CEO of Switchboard, a remote startup building remote collaboration software that recreates the feeling of being in a room, having all of the resources you need, and jamming as a team. Amir’s a six-time entrepreneur that pioneered comparison shopping (, IPO, acquired by eBay), programmatic advertising ( acquired by AOL) and AI assistants for meetings (Tookee, acquired by LogMeIn). Amir’s favorite tools span CRM, product, marketing, analytics, and team culture. This collection is helping him build the best remote company that’s focused on building the best remote collaboration software. It’s quite meta.
  • Switchboard
  • Folk
  • Notion
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Elizabeth Yin's worksuite

My name is Elizabeth Yin, and I’m an entrepreneur turned investor. One thing I’ve noticed post-pandemic is when I’m on the go, I no longer need a laptop. My iPad + apps on it are so good and so much faster than a computer. Apps like Superhuman allow me to process through email quickly — even when I’m offline. I use a combination of apps to help me get from hundreds of emails to Inbox Zero everyday. SaneBox filters out mass emails, Superhuman is great for triaging and snippets, and Boomerang helps me pause my inbox so I’m not constantly reading email all day. The other thing I’ve changed over the years is that I no longer buy physical books, and I rarely buy books in general. The Libby App allows me to connect to many libraries - for free - and I can listen to audiobooks through that app.
  • SaneBox
  • Superhuman
  • Boomerang for Gmail
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Product Management Stack 2022 by Lenny Rachitsky

Every year I do an informal survey on Twitter asking product managers, designers, engineers, and researchers what's in their product stack. These are results from this year's poll: some of the most popular tools used by product managers in 2022.
  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Figma
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Chris’s new Mac stack

Seldom do I upgrade my MacBook Pro, and even less frequently do I get a chance to start fresh with a clean macOS install — but that’s exactly what I did when I upgraded to my first M1 MacBook Pro. It gave me a chance to remove a lot of cruft and apps that I really no longer used while also introducing new apps that enabled new behaviors. Below are the apps that I either use most often to get my work done, or subtly but significantly change the way that I operate in my digital environment. For example, I use Hyperkey to reclaim my Caps Lock key, and instead use it to activate Alfred, my preferred desktop launcher. Given the number of calls I do, I use Krisp to clean up my audio, Opal to look good, and Fathom to take notes and transcribe my calls.
  • TextBuddy for macOS
  • Things 3
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Tools for e-mail marketing

Curated by Product Hunt
E-mail isn’t dead, but your marketing strategy might be if you don’t keep up with the latest tools and best practices. Luckily, product makers have graced us with their expertise and created so many helpful e-mail apps and tools to revitalize your strategy. Test your e-mails with Inbox Pirates or “warm-up” your list for better deliverability with The options are endless, but we’ve made it easier to stay on top of your game. Check out the full list 👇
  • Hunter
  • Quokka
  • Warmbox
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SaaS for makers and business owners

Curated by Product Hunt
We ❤️ software, but with so many options, it can be hard to pick a starting point. We’ve gathered a list of SaaS tools that can help you run your start-up smoother, so you can give Google a break. Whether you need a new design software or payment processing system, check out these community favorites.
  • Typedream
  • Stripe
  • Potion
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Video making and editing apps

Curated by Product Hunt
The Internet loves short-form content, but if it doesn’t pass a subconscious quality check, it might not be a scroll stopper. Seamless transitions and impeccable video quality are just some of the keys to a strong post. Not everyone’s a videographer, nor does everyone err on the creative side, but that hasn’t stopped many creators from capturing attention. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for video tools for your high-quality productions, there’s an app or software for what you need.
  • Movio
  • Facetune
  • InVideo
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Apps for recruiters and job seekers

Curated by Product Hunt
Job seekers and recruiters, we feel you. It’s tough out there. Keeping up with job applicants can get overwhelming and outdated software doesn’t make it any better. On the flip side, looking for a job can also be tiring and there’s almost too much information out there. We’ve united both of these struggles and created a list of top-rated hiring and job searching tools. Best of luck!
  • Mixmax
  • New Hire Buddy for Slack
  • HireQuotient
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Discover popular iOS apps

Curated by Product Hunt
There’s no greater feeling than finding an app for a problem you can’t solve. Need to edit a photo? There’s an app for that. Bored in a waiting room? There’s an app for that. But when you’re scrolling through thousands of apps in the Apple App Store, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth a try. We’ve gathered some community favorites (in no particular category) so you can solve any problem—all you need is your iPhone Kudos to the developers that dedicated their time to creating the apps we love.
  • Veganzone
  • Greg 🌱
  • flomo
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Tools for seamless task management

Curated by Product Hunt
Are you a Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Pisces? Survey says you’re some of the most disorganized zodiac signs. If you’re an astrology naysayer, we’re still here to help (this writer is a Leo and still struggles to keep it all together). These task management apps are lifesavers for the folks trying to balance five different projects and life at once. Notion is a community favorite right now and we’ve included community created Notion tools for task management. Sunsama also integrates workflow apps to combine work into one place and straight-forward task trackers like Asana and Taskful help you work through items on your list.
  • Beau
  • Trello
  • Notion
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Top-rated no code tools

Curated by Product Hunt
Some of us aren’t polyglots and that’s okay. If you haven’t had the time (or brainpower) to learn a programming language, that doesn’t mean your dreams of SaaS or app development are over. The no-code space is thriving and full of options for anything from website building to spreadsheets that fill themselves. Softr, for instance, uses no-code technology to help non-technical folks build websites and Airtable powered web apps. There’s even a no-code CRM—Folk centralizes your contacts and combines all of your sources into one platform without requiring you to write a single line of code. Try building with one of these.
  • Softr
  • Clay
  • Siter
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Better browsing with Chrome extensions

Curated by Product Hunt
Convenience without opening an extra tab — Chrome extensions are lifesavers. Whether you’re looking for flight deals or trying to quickly put together documentation, there's lowkey a Chrome extension to make everything easier to manage in your browser. Concerned about privacy? There are extensions for that too. Here are some extensions you should add to Chrome.
  • Loom
  • Heyday
  • tl;dv
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