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10 gifts for the developer in your life

Curated by Product Hunt
Looking for the perfect gift for that special code wrangler in your life? Unfortunately, we can't provide an Iron Man-esque workspace, but we do have some more slightly less exciting but still great gift ideas from blue light glasses to a big red button that pushes to production (not on Friday!)
  • Keychron
  • Casper Glow
    Casper Glow
  • Bose Noise Canceling 700
    Bose Noise Canceling 700
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8 gifts ideas for the budding home cook

Curated by Product Hunt
Love to cook or know someone that could give Ramsay a run for their money? From AI-powered smart ovens to an affordable work horse chef knife, here are 8 gifts for the budding home cook
  • June Oven
    June Oven
  • Tovala
  • Misen
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Marty Bell's day-to-day, personal stack

Hi, I'm Marty! I'm the founder of Poolsuite, an eclectic, ultra-summer music project, and Vacation®, the world's best smelling sunscreen. I use a bunch of tools in my day-to-day to manage things like my to-do's, calendar, music & moodboards. Here's my personal stack.
  • Poolsuite
  • Endel
  • Notion
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12 gifts for self care enthusiasts

Curated by Product Hunt
We all need a bit more self-care in our lives. Here are 10 gifts from personalised skincare to a supersonic hair dryer that will let your loved ones know you care about them, or you could just get them for yourself, after all, it's called self-care
  • hims
  • Ritual
  • Withings
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11 gifts for music lovers

Curated by Product Hunt
Have a loved one who just can't get enough of smooth lofi beats, or one that likes to rock out during work? No matter what genre of music, these gifts are sure to make their listening experience even more fun
  • Sonos Move
    Sonos Move
  • Teenage Engineering
    Teenage Engineering
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10 gifts for the nomad in your life

Curated by Product Hunt
Caught the travel bug or know someone who simply can't stay in the same location for long? Here are 10 gifts from insurance, to shoes, to high quality luggage that will your nomad friend's life easier
  • Ember Mug
    Ember Mug
  • Away
  • Gopro Hero
    Gopro Hero
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Alex MacCaw's productivity stack

Hey, I'm Alex and I like writing English and TypeScript. I have founded a few companies (most recently Clearbit and Reflect), was an early engineer at Stripe, and I've also written a few O'Reilly books. Here is my productivity stack
  • Notion
  • Figma
  • OpenAI
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9 gift ideas for designers

Curated by Product Hunt
Have a designer in your life? With the holidays coming around, it might be time to think of what to get them. We compiled 9 gifts to give you inspiration, from a brand new chair to blue light glasses to stop the glare, these gifts are sure to put a smile on a designer's face.
  • Moleskine
  • Sony WH-1000XM4
    Sony WH-1000XM4
  • Felix Gray
    Felix Gray
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Danny's solopreneur stack

Hi, I'm Danny, a solo founder building AI products. Throughout my experience I've used plenty of tools to get started and manage my career, here are all the tools you need to easily manage a single-person startup.
  • Leave Me Alone
    Leave Me Alone
  • Supernotes
  • Typefully
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8 gift ideas for pet parents

Curated by Product Hunt
We all have at least one pet parent in our lives and with the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to start thinking of what to get your loved ones and their furry friends. From smart collars to puppy socks, we have collected 8 gift ideas to put a smile on your loved ones face and their furry friend
  • Petcube🐾
  • Pup Socks
    Pup Socks
  • Smalls: Food for Cats
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10 gifts for people who work from home

Curated by Product Hunt
Do you have a remote worker in your life? Here are 10 gifts ranging from headphones to a self-watering plant pot you can gather up to make your loved ones work day that little bit more sweet.
  • Taika
  • Apple AirPods
    Apple AirPods
  • Ember Mug
    Ember Mug
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Toby Howell's Newsletter Stack

I'm Toby Howell, I helped write the Morning Brew newsletter for 1.5 years and grew Launch House’s newsletter to 15k in under 5 months. Whenever I'm tasked with growing or launching a newsletter, there are a handful of tools I gravitate to.
  • OneTab
  • Canva
  • beehiiv
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