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5 Alternatives to ZoomPast

Genomelink provides ancient ancestry: a somewhat different view of your DNA. We aim to provide you insights on the historical events which converged upon you as an individual. Looking 5k+ years back. Based on the most up-to-date research. Anonymous and secure.

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Now based in the genomics center of the Silicon Valley, the consumer genomic startup, AWAKENS, Inc., hails from Tokyo, Japan. Though consumer genomics is just picking up the pace, the founders at AWAKENS envision a future in which every human owns and can easily access their whole genome data.
We're excited to announce our strategic partnership with Genomelink, the largest and fastest growing web platform that enables members to upload their raw DNA data file and discover more about their DNA identities and traits through intuitive visualization and scientific educational content.
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"Upload DNA data and know more about yourself," promises Genomelink, anywhere from fitness-related attributes, such as longevity, pulmonary function, and job-related exhaustion, to intelligence-associated characteristics, including mathematical ability, hippocampal volume, and educational attainment. Just send over your data obtained from DNA testing compani… See more
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Introducing Genetic Select by Lexus. The world's first service that uses human genetics to match you with the car of your genes. Through an exclusive partnership, 23andMe's breakthrough science will analyze each of your 23 pairs of chromosomes to fully unlock your DNA profile and pair you with the Lexus you were made to drive.

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