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4 alternative and related products to Zet ⚡️

Zet ⚡️
Makes searching for tabs, muting-unmuting them, etc. a joy.
An extension made for power users to boost the productivity. No need to move the mouse cursor, do quick navigation between tabs, mute-unmute them, etc. with a quick access popup on any page.
4 Alternatives to Zet ⚡️

Organize your favorite websites by boards and columns.

Every time you open a new tab, your board will load within a second. You can sync your bookmarks with multiple devices or even create public boards.

Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks! 🚀

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Theunis Cilliers
Theunis Cilliers
Lots of recommendations and comments suggest this is the best option, but I feel given that it's on the Universal Bookmark Managers list, it's a bit premature given that they don't have mobile support yet.
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume Bardet
I will go ahead and shamelessly mention the solution I have been working on. :) If you are looking for a bookmark and tabs manager, and you are familiar with boards and columns similar to Trello, Qlearly might be the solution for you! You can create notes and tasks, back up your data, sync it between multiple devices, you can also privately collaborate wi… See more
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud
The best on the market at this point of time
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First of all, thank you for being interested in what we are building! As a company, Qlearly is focused around increasing your productivity online. We want to make it easier for you to access the information you need, when you need it. From accessing or searching through your bookmarks, managing your tabs, to creating a To Do list.
Over the past three months, we have been working on a modern bookmarks and tabs manager. Our browser extension is here to help you be more organized, and get things done faster when using a browser. You can save links for later, or full sessions to open in one click.
15 Alternatives to Qlearly

Inspired by Spotlight. Keyboard-focused but mouse friendly too. Open source.


📌 Lists tabs in order of recency by default, then fuzzy search by title or URL;

📌 Search recently closed tabs;

📌 Search all bookmarks.


CTRL+SPACE (Windows)


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