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Zepp Tennis
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7 Alternatives to Zepp Tennis

Instant coaching & detailed feedback on your tennis game

Courtmatics is the competitive edge for tennis players through the Smart Dampener, a smart vibration dampener, which provides instant coaching & detailed feedback. The app shows session-level analysis of 20 metrics – serves, ground strokes, volleys, footwork, & fitness. Users receive personalized coaching tips & videos based on their skill level.

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Many tennis players use a tennis dampener, a cheap piece of silicone that reduces the vibration of the strings and makes a smoother sound on contact with the ball. The dampener created by Courtmatics does a lot more.
World Tennis Magazine
Game, set, tech. Tennis training may have met it's match when it comes to revolutionizing skill for every level of player. Courtmatics, a startup founded by three long time fans of the sport of tennis, is launching pre-orders for their Smart Dampener, a smart tennis sensor, that provides real time analysis to 20 metrics of the tennis game.
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Courtmatics announced today it is opening pre-orders for its smart dampener for tennis rackets. The little device works with any racket, it is easy to set up and provides instant feedback. Tennis has no shortage of tech to up your game.
13 Alternatives to Courtmatics Smart Tennis Coaching System

Android app that helps to track your tennis matches.

This is your perfect app if you are a tennis player (amateur or pro) and you want to have a history of your matches. The app allows you to track your matches in real time and shows your progress afterwards. It is very friendly and easy to use. You will be able to see all of your opponents and the ratio of wins/lost matches with them.

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7 Alternatives to Tennis Champ
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